This is where I will present the tools I have developed.

  1. ikfast_generator is a tool that generates insanely fast analytic inverse kinematics solvers (based on ikfast). Simply upload a URDF or DAE of your robot and follow the instructions! 🙂
  2. mesh_cleaner is a tool that cleans 3D mesh files and computes their geometry properties such as volume, center of mass and moments of inertia. The idea behind this project was to automate the tedious process of preparing 3D models for use in Gazebo – as explained here.
  3. 3d_viz is a tool that lets you visualize and re-scale your 3D models.


If you liked the tools and wish to contribute, please leave your feedback or consider donating:

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The donations will be used for maintaining the tools, improving the hosting plan, and keeping the website ad-free. 🙂